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Announcing our Discovering First Nations Film Camp in Calgary!

Canada Bridges is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a second Discovering First Nations Film Camp this summer in Calgary at the Chinook Lodge (SAIT Campus) from Monday, August 14 to Tuesday, August 22, 2017 (weekdays only). Indigenous youth, aged 13 to 30, will have the chance to explore a unique career path […]

Posted in Blog, Home, Upcoming Events | Keywords: , , , , , | June 20, 2017

“The Rotten” – Bridges’ 2016 Film Camp

This summer, from July 20 to 28, thirteen youth participants from across Treaty 7 came together for Bridges’ Film Camp to create “The Rotten”, a zombie film which examines some of the downsides of unhealthy eating, as well as touching on the issue of whether or not the internet can be a trusted source for information.  […]

Posted in Blog, Home | Keywords: , , , , , , | August 29, 2016

The Social Entrepreneurial Spirit – A Case Study

By Pamela Karch Bridges’ Research Coordinator Last month, in our joint journal article, Bridges’ Executive Director, Lindsay Mitchell, and I outlined our learnings on the story of social entrepreneurship. We worked to understand how our enterprising ways as humans went from focusing on community betterment as motivated by caring for adequate survival of our family to […]

Posted in Journal | Keywords: , , , , | November 6, 2012

The Social Entrepreneurial Spirit

By Pamela Karch Bridges’ Research Coordinator & Lindsay Mitchell Bridges’ Executive Director “Our vision is fully realized human potential and a peaceful world abundant with optimism and hope.” ~ Bridges Social Development’s vision From all the research I have done about social entrepreneurship, what I have discovered is that there are an abundance of articles […]

Posted in Journal | Keywords: , , , , , | October 2, 2012

A Three-Pronged Approach

By Pamela Karch, Bridges’ Research Coordinator The ability for youth to respond to some of the pressing social needs in their communities is reliant on individual agency – a person’s ability to understand themselves, their community, and the global environment while engaging in critical thinking, reflection, analysis, and action. At Bridges Social Development in our […]

Posted in Journal | Keywords: , , , | June 19, 2012

Quesnel: Aboriginal author attacks economic dependency

By: Joseph Quesnel, For The Calgary Herald In 2009, AIDS activist and former NDP politician Stephen Lewis spoke to an audience at the University of Lethbridge about global health. During questioning, someone asked Lewis about famed Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo. Moyo, in her book Dead Aid, criticizes government-to-government aid to African countries, pointing out that […]

Posted in Resource Centre | Keywords: , , , , | December 8, 2010

Beyond the bottom line

By: Jasmine Budak, Financial Post Magazine Rumeet Toor is part of a growing number of entrepreneurs combining profit and charity The idea that capitalism and social causes can co-exist may be anathema to some, but a growing number of businesspeople are using their corporate savvy and innovation skills to address sweeping social or environmental issues […]

Posted in Resource Centre | Keywords: , | December 7, 2010

Corporate Volunteering

Oct 28th 2010 | NEW YORK “IT WAS like going back to graduate-student days. We all had nicknames and were hanging out together,” says Guruduth Banavar, a senior executive at IBM. He recently spent time volunteering in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as part of a six-person team put together by the IBM Corporate Service […]

Posted in Resource Centre | Keywords: , , | November 15, 2010

Volunteers Give Startups a Hand Up

By: Daryl-Lynn Carlson Many young entrepreneurs, keen on shaping their own destiny by launching a business, have significant deficits in both work — and life — experiences. To fill that deficit many look for guidance from an established entrepreneur who likely has insights into solving the pitfalls and problems that occur during startup phase. Several […]

Posted in Resource Centre | Keywords: , , | November 15, 2010

Aboriginal Youth Conference in line with essence of MRU

Unveiling youth potential is at the heart of Mount Royal University and is the core theme of the inaugural Aboriginal Youth Leading Change workshop set to take place in Ross Glen Hall on Oct.30. Mount Royal’s Faculty of Health and Community Studies (Community of Practice for Indigenous Health) is collaborating with Bridges Social Development and […]

Posted in More Resources, Resource Centre | Keywords: , , , | October 28, 2010

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