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Our Approach

Canada Bridges aims to support the unveiling of youth potential, not through a set program or group of activities that we bring to communities, but through relationships – by connecting with, supporting and strengthening what already exists in the communities we partner with.

Our relationship-based approach to youth empowerment includes:

  1. Deepening the understanding that youth and young adults have of themselves, their communities and how change happens by co-developing and facilitating learning programs with community-based partners.
  2. Engaging caring adults to mentor youth and young adults as they navigate systems (i.e. educational systems), overcome obstacles, and become more resilient.
  3. Creating opportunities for action, practice and experience to support youth and young adults to take the first steps towards creating change.
  4. Supporting and strengthening community-based partners to develop skills, resources and expertise needed to unlock youth potential.
  5. Sharing ideas, knowledge and learning from our work to create understanding and empowering systems and encouraging others to do the same.
  6. Making connections between people, communities and organizations that could complement each other’s learning and action.

Bridges believes that what youth need is not just another program; they need relationships that will support and empower skill building, exploration, and discovery. Our mentorship process exists to fill this need: to match the experience and generosity of caring adult mentors with the emerging potential of youth and young adults, with the goal of supporting these people through their developmental journeys, particularly during major transitions.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Canada Bridges has worked with a wide range of community partners to co-design and co-deliver programs that unlock the potential of youth and young adults. There are no costs associated in partnering with us. We prioritize working with partners that:

  • Have existing or are developing long-term initiatives targeted for youth or young adults in the age range of 16-30;
  • Are able and willing to dedicate time and resources to help in the planning, delivery and facilitation of programs; and
  • Are interested in exploring new and innovative ways of engaging and learning with youth and young adults.

Through partnership we aim to not only deliver high quality programs for youth and young adults, but also to strengthen and improve each of our organizations through shared learning processes. If you think that your program, initiative or organization may benefit from partnering with Canada Bridges and you are interested in working and learning alongside each other, please contact us to set up a meeting and discuss more.


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