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Say Hello to our new Vision and Mission

Since last October, our staff, board, youth and community partners of Canada Bridges have all been contributing to the development a strategic plan for 2019-2021.   As an organization, we know that we believe in responding to community, and working by invitation, which limits the certainty that can be predicted of plans, especially years into the […]

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Indspire Awards 2019

There is something incredibly powerful about gathering for the purpose of lifting up other human beings. Canada Bridges was invited to take part at the recent 2019 Indspire Awards, and we attended with incredible representation. Each of us who are connected through Bridges, whether we see one another regularly or not, share in this spirit […]

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Congratulations to the Siksika Suns Senior Girls Basketball Team

Congratulations to the Siksika Suns Senior Girls Basketball team for earning the gold medal championship in the CHSSL 2018 league! A special shout-out to the Suns team captain,Kaylei Cross Child  for leading her team through a challenging and competitive season! Kaylei has been playing basketball since she was 8 years old and gets her basketball […]

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Meet Michelle our Mentor for the Month of February

Michelle is our featured mentor of the month for February! Michelle has been a mentor in the program for the last two years. In addition to volunteering with our program, Michelle is also on the board of Women in Need Society, a volunteer with Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, and studying her Master of Arts […]

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Our Young Leader of the Month of February is Tricia

Shalome and Kalista met up with Tricia out in Mini Thni (also known as Morley) at the Subway. Tricia is an active leader in her community and has been connected to Canada Bridges for a few years now, including participation in our mentorship program since Fall 2017. Read more about Tricia and her experiences below. […]

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Introducing our new Morley Program Assistant

Sandis Twoyoungmen first got introduced to Canada Bridges when he was a High School student at the Morley Community School.  He was a regular at the Tuesday night youth nights that Bridges ran in the community.  Sandis would come to the youth nights even if he had to walk home afterwards.  Many times he would prefer to walk […]

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Canada Bridges is Hiring an Operations Manager!

Canada Bridges is looking for an Operations Manager to join our team! This is an opportunity for a motivated and detail-oriented, people-focused, individual, who wants to gain a broad set of experiences relevant to leadership of social change. The successful candidate will be a hands-on and participative manager, with strong organizational skills, and a passion […]

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Indigenous Youth Under Colonization by Justice for Palestinians & Allies

Join us as we host a public forum to share experiences of youth living under colonization in areas of health, education, justice and activism. All are welcome! The day will consist of key note speakers Dr. Mark Ayyash and Evans Yellow Old Woman, breakout sessions, a delicious lunch, and a cultural celebration. Organized by Justice […]

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January Mentorship Hangout

On January 31st, we gathered mentors and young leaders at the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association to talk about goals. After enjoying some food together, our Mentorship Program Co-Coordinator, Shalome (newly back from maternity leave!) led the group through our timeline activity, which is an essential part of our Unveiling Youth Potential workshops. Through this activity, […]

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Thank Your Mentor Day

As part of Mentoring Month, yesterday was #thankyourmentor day! We were able to round up a few notes of gratitude from the young people in our mentorship program. Check them out below to see how important having a mentor in your life can be. You can also find these being shared on our Twitter and […]

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