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Canada Bridges continues to partner with Indigenous youth as they gain experience leading initiatives or creating change, and as our network of influential Indigenous youth change leaders grew, we found an opportunity to bring the brilliant minds of our young partners together. An idea to build a community of peers to create more opportunities of collaboration, networking and peer support. Thus, Indigenous Rising Treaty 7 was born.  

Indigenous Rising Treaty 7 (IRT7) was created by youth has they continue gaining experience being leaders for their respective communities. Youth have been invited at almost every step of the way to contribute to the formation of the IRT7 community. Bringing together both elders and youth from each nation of Treaty 7 breaks barriers to create cross-cultural conversations and elevate the meaningfulness of youth-led initiatives.  

Bringing youth together enables Canada Bridges to better support youth networking and youth-led initiatives born from the IRT7 community.  

Through the pandemic and changing contact restrictions IRT7 has continued to build this community using different connecting tools online and regular check ins on platforms like zoom. These tools have not only allowed us to maintain relationships and provide community through the pandemic but have made it easier to reach youth across all of Treaty 7. In a time full of disconnection, IRT7 provides the simple service of providing opportunity for youth to connect.  

If any youth want to get involved with the IRT7 community please reach out to our Facebook or Instagram page  



“Youth in this community will be at the leading edge of changing perceptions and stereotypes of Indigenous youth as they navigate how to deconstruct colonial systems and bring forward Indigenous world views. We hope to connect these youth leaders with resources, Indigenous mentorship, learning and opportunities that help them carry forward their projects, by creating online spaces with content that is worthy of the caliber of talent we have in Treaty 7.” – Tyra Cross Child

This program would not be possible without our funders: the Government of Alberta, RBC, Suncor and the Calgary Foundation.