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Dani Deboice - Welcome to the Board!

As a born and raised Calgarian, Dani DeBoice grew up on Treaty 7 lands and is on a journey to better understand what that truly means. Welcome to the board, Dani!

Youth Medicinal Garden Project

We are starting a Youth Medicinal Garden Project and want to invite you to join us!

Celebrating Diversity and Standing Against LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Today, we celebrate the reemergence of Indigenous queer identities and expressions. We are reclaiming our cultural knowledge and dismantling the harmful effects of colonialism. We are rewriting our narratives and creating spaces where all of us can thrive.

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Meaningful Futures Participant Interview - Mase Crowchief

I used to be terrified about telling my story for many reasons. I started telling my story and it’s felt super freeing. I’m always open to listen to someone or talk with someone because I know how it feels to be terrified to tell your own story.

Running For Youth-Led Change

We would love for you to register for the Calgary Marathon or donate and share a link to our blog post and our mission on social media. Together we’re running towards youth-led change.

Celebrating A Youth Explosion 2023

Transformation occurs when we hold spaces for courageous vulnerability and authenticity; particularly so, when youth are at the centre of it all.

Invitation to A Youth Explosion 2023

You are invited to the 11th annual A Youth Explosion (AYE) on November 19!

Unveiling Youth Potential Facilitation Toolkit Update

We are now in an exciting position of piloting wisdom stories to a group of young leaders, and it feels like we are positioned to have more community-facing initiatives.

Storytelling and Unveiling Youth Potential

Like Wisdom Stories, I have found that identifying our authentic selves is key to cultivating our inner power, and to not allow hurt people to continue to hurt us.

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