Social Enterprise is the New Frontier

We hope to align our mission and vision as an organization to address the inequities faced by BIPOC youth by providing them with paid work and skill development opportunities based on their goals and aspirations.

Welcome to Spirit River Striped Wolf

Welcome to Spirit River Striped Wolf, new co-leader!

Indigi-Scape with Buffalo Stone Woman & Conroy Obey

Join us for the first mentorship workshop leading up to A Youth Explosion!

SOS Congo is Back

SOS Congo is beginning new programs this September, and sending an invitation to anyone interested in volunteering/internship opportunities!

A Youth Explosion is Back

Each year, new energy is infused, new lessons are learned, and it evolves a little – but what remains at the heart of AYE is Storytelling, and centering youth experiences.

Storyteller Call Out - A Youth Explosion 2023!

Calling all Youth! AYE is seeking Storytellers and we want you to be involved!

Welcome to Rachel Victoria "Ryvn" Forbes!

I'm driven by a desire to help people feel better in their day-to-day lives and believe that starts with being seen and heard.

What Do You Envision for A Youth Explosion?

Thank you for your engagement, humour and thoughts at our first session. There will be more to come, so if you're interested in sharing what you envision for this year’s AYE, then stay tuned to our socials!

A Shift To Co-Leadership

It is an exciting shift, an investment, that we hope will help to further strengthen our organization, help us to be more present in community and continue to grow in ways that reflect our strengths and potential.

Community Engagment Session: A Youth Explosion

It's time! Join us for an evening of games, snacks, & information session to hear & share ideas and insights for A Youth Explosion 2023.

Welcome to Vince Bahati!

I looked at SOS Congo and Canada Bridges as an opportunity to reach out, support/be a part of something that the community has been looking for since forever.

We are Hiring! Program Assistant - Social Enterprise Development

The Program Assistant role will report directly to the Program Manager and will engage and coordinate a youth team, taking a leading role in carrying out community consultation.