2024 and Beyond: Unveiling Potential

2023 has been a year of building up, coming back, and thinking forward. We’re still just as focused on youth and their role in community change as ever, but we’ve shifted to co-leadership, we returned to the first in person A Youth Explosion Event since 2019, and we’ve investigated new social enterprise opportunities.  We’ve renewed old partnerships and built new ones. We’re ready to move forward.  

What’s next? What now? We’re excited about the new year and where we go from here.  We hope to move forward with developing a social enterprise aspect of our organization, we want to reach and connect with even more youth and communities, and we want to do it in ways that center BIPOC experience, perspectives, and knowledge.   In short, we want to continue to grow our work towards a world where all youth can show up, stand up and be heard.  

We see a lot of potential, but we know we can’t go forward alone.  In early 2024, Canada Bridges as an organization and a community will step into a process to unveil our own potential as we look forward to the next 3 years and focus in on our strengths, connections, and change leadership power, to take our work to the next level.   We need your support to make it a success.

There are lots of ways you can help to Unveil Canada Bridges’ Potential:

Financial support.  Contributing financially to Canada Bridges helps us to be able to continue to respond to community invitations and enable youth to recognize and take forward their change leadership potential.  You can make a year-end tax-deductible contribution here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/bridges-social-development/  

Community support. Our work is all about relationships and the power they have to enable youth leadership.  If it’s been awhile since we connected, or you have an idea for how we could collaborate, please reach out to info@canadabridges.com and let us know.

Change leadership support. If you also believe in a world where youth can show up, stand up and be heard, and are working towards it, we want to know!  We’re excited to learn from and with others and we continue to navigate needed changes in the community together.  

We wish everyone and their families a very happy holiday, and a terrific start to 2024.   We can’t wait to dive in together.