Welcome to Randy Turning Robe!

Oki, Da’anii tada, hello

Nitsinihka’sim (My name is) Sspakoh Ikkitstaan (Hill Offering) Ahkookh’bahk’bhook’siiks (Many Turning Robes).

My English name is Randy Turning Robe Jr., Nitomohto’to (I am from) Siksika, my mother is from the Tsuu’tina Nation. I was born and raised in Mohtkiinstkiss (Calgary), and grew up in the Southeast part of the city. I played hockey for numerous teams growing up, graduated, and played football in high school for the Saint Francis Browns junior and senior team. I am a fifth–generational pow–wow singer for my family drum group. I have a background in youth work being a mentor for our Indigenous youth—graduated from Mount Royal University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication – Public Relations, and a Digital Graphics Communications diploma from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I am pursuing my Master’s degree next year.  

Randy is passionate about Indigenous originality and dynamism, he is active in making social change for Indigenous relations, and has recently joined the board of Canada Bridges!