Running For Youth-Led Change

Youth Voices, Community Impact: Join Our Marathon Mission

On May 26, we're hitting the pavement at the Calgary Marathon with a mission bigger than ourselves. We're running to empower a generation of Indigenous and racialized youth to become the changemakers our communities need. Join us!

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The Power of Youth-Led Transformation

At Canada Bridges, we believe young people hold the key to a better future. We support youth (16-30) to discover their strengths, create community, and design solutions that address real challenges. Through fun activities and self-reflection workshops, youth uncover their unique talents, explore their leadership potential, and gain confidence in their cultural identity. We provide mentorship opportunities and create partnerships with local organizations, offering youth a strong network of support and a sense of belonging within their community.  

Our Approach in Action

At Canada Bridges, we don't just talk about change, we create spaces for it to happen. Through workshops, mentorship, and ongoing support, we help young people:  

* Discover their strengths and passions through Wisdom Stories  

* Deepen community connection with Community Mapping activities.  

* Develop their leadership skills and take action with Change Leadership  

* Bring their visions to life with Social Entrepreneurship initiatives.  

True community change doesn't happen in isolation. We carefully build relationships with youth, listen to their vision, and collaborate with existing programs and community leaders. This ensures our work is respectful, impactful, and genuinely youth led.  

"There's adults there not telling us how to do things, encouraging us to open up and speak up, encouraging our input.” – Youth Leader and UYP Participant, Calgary  

Results That Matter

Our work isn't just about feel-good activities.  It's built on a strong Theory of Change that leads to real impact:  

* "I know who I am and what I can do."  

* "I'm not alone."  

* "Let's make this better.”  

* "We deserve a seat at the table."  

The ultimate goal: Youth as Changemakers  

Join us at the Calgary Marathon

Your support of our Calgary Marathon campaign means more than just a run. It fuels the programs that empower young people to change their own lives and their communities. Sign up to run, donate, or share our message with your network. Every step and every dollar brings us closer to a world where youth can show up, stand up, and be heard.  

We would love for you to register for the Calgary Marathon or donate and share a link to this blog post and our mission on social media.  Together we’re running towards youth-led change.  

Thank you for your support and participation!  

Spirit River Striped Wolf, Co-Leader  

Alyssa Lindsay, Co-Leader