4. Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneur: a self-motivated individual who wishes to undertake some kind of socially-minded venture.

Canada Bridges offers sessions aimed at individuals and organizations that are currently exploring ways of leading positive change. People who desire a deeper understanding of social entrepreneurship and are interested in pursuing social initiatives that improve communities in which they live and work will benefit from this workshop. This could mean anyone from aspiring social entrepreneurs who have an idea in mind for a social initiative and are seeking further support to identify how they can move forward, to organizations that want to explore how they can build the capacity of their team.

Any Social Entrepreneurship workshops will be grounded in our core approach of investing in people so that they might better understand who they are, what they care about, and how to create change in their communities.  Like our other programming, the Social Entrepreneurship  workshops will be flexible and adapted appropriately to meet your needs but usually consists of our core approach that involves an exploration of participant’s individual Wisdom Story, guided by questions such as: Who am I and why do I want to lead change in my community and/or organization? The program also involves an in-depth inquiry into: Community Mapping (who/where is the community that I care about?); Change Leadership (how do I lead change in my community?); and Social Entrepreneurship (what specifically can I do to lead change in my community?). Past Social Entrepreneurship  workshops have included an examination of additional themes such as: best practices for community‐based organizations (including governance structures and social entrepreneurship tips); fundraising resources and effective grant applications.

For more information or to express interest in exploring social entrepreneurship with us , please e-mail info@canadabridges.com.