1. Wisdom Stories

Wisdom Stories describe a person’s life purpose and meaning; they define one’s passions, desires, values, and motivations. Participants of the Unveiling Youth Potential (UYP) program explore self-awareness through specific activities that turn the focus inward and to the past. Questions that are asked during Wisdom Stories training include:

  • Why do you care about the things you care about?
  • What is it inside of you that motivates you to respond to the things you care about?
  • Why do you want to inspire change in your community?

This process is a self-reflective journey that involves the creation of timelines, sharing of memories, and writing exercises that lead to the development of one’s Wisdom Story. These stories are recorded in a number of ways throughout, and at the close of UYP training, including: video recording, creating a scrapbook, compiling a collection of songs to tell one’s story, writing a poem or song, choreographing a dance, or creating a painting, drawing, sculpture, or graphic design. Participants are then invited to share their Wisdom Stories with the group, if they choose (this is encouraged, but absolutely not required). Click here to view some sample Wisdom Stories.

Wisdom Stories are an important part of UYP training; we have found that guided exploration of one’s life experiences and how these do or do not define one’s present or future is an empowering process that allows program participants to not only see who they are, but also bring to light their potential and capacity for growth.