A New Normal with Youth at the Centre

We invite everyone to consider what the new normal means to you and to those around you, especially young people who are eager for change.

SOS Congo Youth Basketball Community

"Through all of this, we all gained friends and connections that would stay with us for some time. Hopefully we can keep things going, and be able to ride the momentum we’ve already built up so far, it would be amazing to see where we can take this!"

Meaningful Futures Program Update

The youth demonstrated willingness to step out of their comfort zones, brainstorm as a group the challenges they experience as individuals and as a community, and engage in conversation toward solutions to the issues they face.

Join Our Team - Searching for a Program Team Leader!

We are looking for an experienced leader with demonstrated commitment to cross-cultural learning and decolonization, with experience developing organizational learning and developmental evaluation approaches.

Support our Work with the Nakoda Youth Council

When working with Indigenous peoples especially youth, relationships are the most important to create and nurture and its not easy, but im super happy and grateful for Canada Bridges and the relationship we have been able to create.

Welcome to Jacie Alook - Program Manager Youth and Community

Jacie is excited to work alongside youth and the Canada Bridges team to help utilize story to empower and identify strength in diverse communities and embrace collective potential toward transformational change for future generations.

Welcome to Reigen Kehler - IRT7 Program Assistant

Reigen knows that by actively decolonizing and healing inter-generational cycles, her daughter will be more in tune with her spirituality and power which grounds Reigen’s passion for uplifting and empowering the next generation.

Board Member Wanted!

We are looking for a board member that will support decision making beyond the bottom line.

We are Hiring: Program Manager Youth and Community!

We are searching for an energetic relationship builder and community champion who is passionate about sharing youth voices, leadership and potential.

IRT7 - A Year in Review

As the year comes to an end with a new one on the horizon, Indigenous Rising Treaty 7 is an initiative with great hope and great potential building the community of young Indigenous change leaders.

A Youth Explosion (AYE) Year End 2021

"It may feel scary to be vulnerable, but your stories are important and deserve to be heard. You may be able to help others by sharing, and you may be able to help yourself by taking that brave next step and truly knowing your story."

SOS Congo and Canada Bridges Update

"It took some tough and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. At times it felt like the relationship had stalled. Now, looking back it seems that those moments were crucial in building understanding and trust."