Welcome to Rachel Victoria "Ryvn" Forbes!

Hi, my name is Rachel (she/her) and I was raised on the land known as Mohkinstsis. From a young age I was pulled into positions of leadership, wishing to create safe and inclusive spaces. This took me to Xixi'ai, Chengdu to collaboratively create a framework for running youth summer camps. Locally, I am a founding member of Empirical Freedom, and have used my experience in the wellness sector to run youth programs at the Mustard Seed's Neighbour Centre. I'm driven by a desire to help people feel better in their day-to-day lives and believe that starts with being seen and heard.

As the program assistant for Canada Bridge's social enterprise development, I hope to leverage the knowledge gained from my General Studies BA from Athabasca University to inform the discourse surrounding structural and systemic inequality as we work toward sustainable and equitable social development. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, movement, concerts, video games, and being by the river or under the stars.