Albertans called on to mentor children and youth in 2019

Cory and Sammy at a recent mentorship hangout

While Canada Bridges is lucky to currently have enough mentors in our program, there are other mentorship programs with wait-lists. Across Alberta, volunteers are needed to help address the more than 3000 children and youth currently waiting to be matched with mentors. Mentoring organizations and champions from across Alberta are sending out a rallying cry for caring Albertans to become mentors for these kids in one-on-one, group, and school settings.

This January, as #MentoringMonth celebrates mentors of children and youth across North America, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, government, school and community partners are highlighting the critical impact that volunteer mentors have on the lives of young people. All Albertans are being called on to volunteer for as little as one hour a week to change the life of a young person and the future of their community.

“We each have what it takes to make a real, lasting difference in the life of a child or youth, by showing up and being a consistent, caring presence. There are far too many kids here in our community who are still waiting for someone to share their challenges and achievements with, to laugh and have fun with, to encourage their hopes and dreams, and to open their eyes to a broader world of possibilities.” -Alberta Mentoring Partnership

In celebration of #MentoringMonth, Albertans are asked to recommit themselves to their community by becoming mentors for young people in need of caring, supportive relationships. Research has shown that children and youth who have the support of a mentoring relationship do better in school, go on to successful careers, give back to their communities, and live happier, healthier lives. According to 2016 Population Lab Research on Alberta youth:

Albertans can visit to find a mentoring opportunity in their community from over 120 different mentoring programs organized by schools and community agencies.