Alyssa's Story - Have Your Donation Matched

Dear Friends,

Last month, my teammate Pelletier reached out to you with her story and a powerful opportunity: a group of amazing supporters has offered to match all donations made to Canada Bridges before the end of 2019! A huge thank you to those who have contributed, shared, and promoted this important opportunity for unveiled youth potential.

For those who haven’t had the chance to participate yet, I want to share how working with Pelletier, and many other young leaders, has been an incredible gift that has changed me personally, and how, with your support, this work has the potential to change us all.

This fall, while Pelletier and the team were preparing for A Youth Explosion, I also had a chance to share my voice and promote youth wisdom, through the SVP Fast Pitch competition. Speaking in a timed and judged competition in front of 400 people, with just you and a microphone on a big stage can be intimidating to say the least. But every time I felt unsure, or hit a road block in my preparation, I turned to the young leaders we know.

They shared their insights and wisdom, to help me articulate the importance of this work and get the message across. They gave me encouragement to keep at it, listening to many drafts and iterations and providing feedback on how to improve my pitch. Knowing them and hearing their stories gave me courage to step outside my comfort zone and keep going.

The result was a pitch that we are all incredibly proud of, and that changed people’s perceptions of what youth can do. You can watch the full 3-minute pitch presentation that we developed below;  It is just one important example of how working together with youth strengthens everything we do.

On a daily basis, Canada Bridges supports youth who are challenging assumptions, helping us rethink the structures that we’re part of, and contributing to our communities in so many ways. We want to create more opportunities for youth to show up, stand up and be heard, throughout our society. We can’t do this work alone.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, I’m inviting you to give to unveiled youth potential, give to communities changed by youth, and support a stronger and healthier future for us all.

With much gratitude and hope,


Alyssa and Pelletier at A Youth Explosion 2019