AYE excitement!

We are so excited for AYE this Saturday that we wanted to share a sneak peak of just how wise and inspirational these youth really are. Last week, we caught up with past AYE participant and filmmaker, Trevor Solway of Siksika, to hear what he has been learning from his journey. You will see Trevor behind the camera on Saturday as he helps us document the 9th annual AYE.

We hope Trevor's wisdom gets you as excited for AYE as we are!

Trevor sharing at AYE 2016.

Trevor has been stepping out of his comfort zone a lot these past years, so we asked him if he would share any advice with other youth in Treaty 7 who are trying to do the same, “I’ve learned that anytime you’re presented with an opportunity you’re scared of, whether that’s public speaking, traveling or education, just know that you’re never really alone. Your ancestors, your grandparents, walk beside you and give you that extra boost when you need it.”

If you know Trevor, you know that he is a deep listener. “I was taught when someone tells you a story, whether it’s about how their day went or an experience they had, those stories are sacred no matter how small they may seem. They are sacred because it is proof they have lived and to be alive is sacred. Their words, their stories, their expressions are sacred and we should value every life accordingly. I want Indigenous youth to know their stories matter because they matter.”

Trevor has started the first ever youth-run film collective in his home community of Siksika.

“As a filmmaker I believe is there is great power in understanding who you are. The more you learn about your identity as an Indigenous person the more you begin to uncover your potential. Own your story and be proud of it. Become the strong, resilient, creative, brilliant, amazing Indigenous person you’re ancestors wanted you to be.”

Thanks to Trevor for taking risks and for working so hard to develop your story and for sharing it with us.  

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