Board and Staff News

A warm welcome to new staff (Randy Turning Robe, Tyra Crosschild, Pelletier Medel, Anna-Marie Ashton) and board members (Britney Ayoungman, Erin Wilson) - we are so happy to have you on the team. Check out the whole team on our new website.  

Much gratitude to retiring board members Kelli Stevens, Lindsay Mitchell, Hannah Roskey and Gary Willson - thank you for your time and guidance. Since our last update Omar Lewis has left us for his dream job (way to go, Omar!). Veronica Marlowe joined us for a quick 8 week practicum, and has moved on to another organization - we miss her already. The beautiful and talented Kalista Sherbaniuk is leaving us sometime in the late July - early August timeframe, on a new adventure with her husband. Life always brings change - thank you for being part of our network of support. Stay in touch and we look forward to future collaborations!