Bridges Welcomes New Executive Director, Alyssa Lindsay

 It is my sincere pleasure to announce that Bridges’ next Executive Director will be Alyssa Lindsay. Alyssa has been working with Bridges as a Program Manager since November 2014, and has recently accepted the leadership role moving forward. We are very lucky to have her and she will bring her background in community and human development both internationally and locally. She was involved in our three year direction setting process completed last fall, and intimately connected to what we believe is needed and possible in the future. For me, Alyssa is the kind of capable, compassionate and dedicated leader Bridges needs for the next phase of development and impact. I know Alyssa will be in touch with the community in the coming months sharing more about herself, and her vision for the work moving forward as Bridges continues to support youth in realizing their leadership potential.

Many of you who know about the transition have been asking me how I feel about it, and commenting on how hard it is to step away. Yes, that is true, it is hard to say goodbye to something you love and believe in, yet at the same time Bridges was never solely mine to begin with. Bridges belongs to the community, and is a collective of passionate people who believe in the potential of youth and young adults as leaders in our community. Bridges has always existed to meet the specific needs of a community, and therefore I feel it has been driven more by community members than by me as a leader. The real work of Bridges is to deeply listen to what is needed in a community, to believe better is possible, and then to work incredibly hard to develop the skills and initiatives that make this reality. There is no doubt in my mind that with Alyssa’s guidance, Bridges will continue to help transform people and communities in this way, for as long as it is needed, wherever it is needed and for whomever requests our support.  

I look forward to continuing to support the work, and have agreed to join the Board of Directors moving forward. The people in the community of Bridges are what have made the past five years full of possibility and meaning; people like yourself reading this message. While my role is changing, I know I will see you in community as we all continue to make a better reality in our own way.

Blessings to you and your loved ones,

Lindsay Mitchell