Canada Bridges welcomes research fellow, Allison Duckchief of Siksika Nation

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new research fellow, Allison Duckchief of Siksika Nation.  

Allison was selected as one of 9 students for the first fellowship of its kind at MRU.  

The fellowship is called “Catalyst” for a reason - students will get to focus on strengthening their “changemaker” mindset and systems-leadership capabilities.  Learning together with a small group of peers, they will build their capacity not only as applied researchers, but more importantly as leaders and systems-thinkers who are able to understand problems using a systems lens.

We are thrilled that Allison is furthering her leadership journey for her community and honored that she is choosing to do so with Canada Bridges. She and her research advisor, Audra Foggin, will be using their research skills to inform how we develop our next youth leadership programs.  Stay tuned for our finalized research question and updates on this new exciting partnership!

MRU faculty, Audra Foggin, originally of Frog Lake First Nation, helps define our research question at the opening retreat on September 27, 2019.