Celebrating Indigenous Peoples @ Banff Centre: Film Screening with the Stoney Nakoda AV Club

As part of the National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations, The Nakoda AV Club will be screening its first full length film, a "dogumentary" called Ahomapénî; Relations and Rez Dogs.

Films will be followed by a world-cafe style small group discussion opportunity, and light refreshments will be served.

Date: June 28, 2019

Time: 7pm

Location: Max Bell Auditorium, Banff Centre

Film: 55 minutes, followed by 45 minute discussion.

About the film: Ahomapénî is acknowledging a being's right to exist in its own way, asking for the right to "be" - similar to the english concept of "respect" and the question "do you respect me?" What do dogs need to be healthy and happy? The Nakoda AV Club explores this seemingly straightforward question to illuminate the different ways people think about human animal relationships on reserves and in settler dominated spaces. This documentary dispels myths, and delves into areas where stereotypes and assumptions create contribute to challenges for both people and animals living on reserve. This project stems from an interest in exploring the space between the roles for dogs in urban and reserve society, and drawing attention to the meaningful relationships people have with dogs in both. AV Club members also expressed concern that urban people may have misunderstandings about the connection that the Stoney people have to their animals, in a modern as well as historical sense.

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