Holiday Card Contest Winners

We would like to introduce Sally and Manda, inspirational young adults that have participated in Canada Bridges programing since they were in high school. These young artists like to explore their community of Morley and take pictures.  They recently submitted entries for Canada Bridges annual holiday cards contest, both of their entries were chosen as the winners. 

Manda Hunter
Sally Twoyoumen

They participated in YEAH youth nights and since graduating High School they are now part of our Morley Crew youth collective.  These mentorship hangouts have been a time to connect, support each other and relax.  At our hangouts they talk about spreading their wings by traveling and they are also keen on honing their artistic skill sets. 

Manda's card
Sally`s cards

Moving forward Sally and Manda hope to move to Calgary and attend art school.  We are looking forward to seeing the art they produce in future, and hoping to continue to be inspired by them as they develop and grow personally and professionally.


Canada Bridges