Intergenerational Wisdom - A Film By Ethan Twoyoungmen

Hello everyone!

My name is Ethan Twoyoungmen, and I am a general science student at Mount Royal University.

This is my short documentary.

The main purpose of this film is to inspire Indigenous youth across Alberta, possibly Canada! Being an Indigenous young adult is challenging, not to mention the obstacles that youth are facing as well, that is: there is barely any motivation among reserves, not enough people to look up to, and not having someone to reach out to; therefore I decided to make this film, which is about young leaders that are currently aiding their community in many beneficial ways. They tell the audience their stories about how they became who they are and why they wanted to help their hometowns.

My crew and I enjoyed every minute of making this documentary, it was our first time making anything like this. So we hope you enjoy watching It!