Introducing our new Morley Program Assistant

Sandis Twoyoungmen first got introduced to Canada Bridges when he was a High School student at the Morley Community School.  He was a regular at the Tuesday night youth nights that Bridges ran in the community.  Sandis would come to the youth nights even if he had to walk home afterwards.  Many times he would prefer to walk for two and half hours home instead of getting a ride.  Bridges has been fortunate to continue to journey with Sandis’ as he graduated high school and started to attend Mount Royal University.  

Sandis continues to be part of the Bridges’ mentorship program and also worked with us as a Coordinator for the AYE (A Youth Explosion) 2018 event.  Sandis is now in the Morley full time and will be working with Bridges as a Program Assistant. He has been on the Job for about three weeks now and has taken to his new role like a fish to water.  He has already started to do facilitation with the graduating class at the Morley Community school, and he has also started to mentor some of the youth that are part of the Music Academy.  

Sandis’ hopes to be able to encourage youth to find projects that inspire them to set goals beyond their comfort zone. He also hopes to be a positive influence on youth in his community.  We’re really excited to have Sandis on the team and look forward to seeing how he grows into this new role.