Invest in Youth Leadership

Oki, My English name is Wacey Little Light and my Blackfoot name is Stommiikiisokkou "Hind Bull."

I'm from the Siksika Nation and am currently going to school at Mount Royal University for the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership degree. I'm a Hiphoppa, outdoor enthusiast and skateboarder in my spare time. I love playing outside, it's hard to keep me indoors sometimes!

I lead the Indigenous Rising Treaty 7 program for Canada Bridges. I hope to create a strong community of young Indigenous leaders in Treaty 7. I enjoy facilitating collaboration and creating connections, so I am super excited about the outcomes of the upcoming program.

Back in 2016, I moved from Siksika Nation to Mohkinstsis (Calgary) to pursue post-secondary education. At the time Canada Bridges offered the transitions mentorship program. The program offered me mentorship and community, which was appreciated as I was transitioning to both city and student living. Canada Bridges offered me solace and familiarity at an influential time for myself growing up. I appreciate them being there for me and my others friends who experienced the same lifestyle change.

As an Indigenous youth it can be difficult to find spaces to fit in, and it is extremely difficult to find a sense of community with others. Canada Bridges provides spaces for Indigenous youth to feel comfortable, and after that invests in their leadership as their potential is no longer shackled by the gloom of insecurity. Canada Bridges offers many resources for development and leadership; I'm hoping Indigenous Rising Treaty 7 can add to that list of resources.

Indigenous youth are creative, empathetic, and courageous leaders. Investing in Indigenous youth is investing in Canada's future.

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