Meet Michelle our Mentor for the Month of February

Michelle is our featured mentor of the month for February! Michelle has been a mentor in the program for the last two years. In addition to volunteering with our program, Michelle is also on the board of Women in Need Society, a volunteer with Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, and studying her Master of Arts in Leadership through Royal Roads University. Check out Michelle’s answers below to learn more about her and her experience in our mentorship program. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 M: I’m a proud Mom of three awesome boys that keep me busy with sports, study and play.  In my downtime, I enjoy yoga, cross-country skiing, exploring new pizzerias and time with friends and family.

 Q: What made you decide to become a mentor?

 M: A few years ago, I worked on an Indigenous engagement project and discovered Canada Bridges.  I was intrigued with the organization and reached out to learn how I could become involved.  The opportunity to help Indigenous youth build their leadership capacity while building new relationships peaked my interest. 

 Q: What are your favourite parts of being a mentor in our mentorship program?

 M: New friendships, life lessons and sense of community.

 Q: So you’ve been mentoring Tricia for the past two years. What have you learned through that process?

 M:  I’ve learned the power of reflection and keeping an open mind to new perspectives. The process has helped me become a deeper listener.  From Tricia as an individual, it’s hard to explain but I’ve learned another dimension to what it means to be a devoted family member; (thank you, Tricia.)

 Q: What would you say are Tricia’s greatest strengths? What are some of the things you’ve accomplished together? 

 M: I admire Tricia’s resiliency, strength and commitment to her family & other youth.  Mentor/mentee accomplishments…I’d say our ability to have open discussions, being vulnerable with each other and our two-way learning; life, culture, family and community. 

 Q: What kind of advice would you want to offer to other volunteers with our program?

 M: Be patient and trust that your relationship will evolve organically.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

 M: Yes, a “thank you” to the Canada Bridges team for connecting Tricia and I.  I am grateful for our friendship and the opportunity to be part of your program.  I appreciate your support and coaching; and your warm welcome into the Canada Bridges community!