Morley Music Mentorship

One of the best parts of working for Canada Bridges has been the opportunity to teach drums during the lunch hour to youth that are a part of the Morley Community School (MCS) Music Academy. The music program is headed by Mr. Tim Sebastian, who along with a team of volunteers has been helping to get the youth prepared for their annual holiday concert. What is remarkable about the music academy is that it goes beyond simply preparing the youth to perform. Indeed, the music classroom at the MCS is a refuge for the youth. It has a become a home away from home where the youth feel comfortable to hang out, practice and make mistakes in front of one another. There is a concert pianist named Tyrese who is self taught but can competently play classical pieces such as Mozart arrangements from memory. There is Dominic who is an expert level guitarist, he never seems to be too far from his instrument and takes the time to diligently hone his craft by painstakingly working on scales, rudiments, and chord progressions daily. There is also Kayley and Storm, two seemingly shy and reserved individuals but they are able to speak volumes through their instruments. Storm, transferred to the school in 2017, has grown as a bass player and as a singer in her time at the school. Kayley returned this October after being away for 2 years but has already distinguished herself as the best drummer at the school. I have spent the most amount of time with her this year and as we have gotten to know each other more this term I have been impressed by her composed yet confident spirit. She speaks few words, but her character does shine through when she plays. These youth are great ambassadors for their community. Finally, there is Precious, a naturally gifted singer who tops off the band with her wonderful vocals.  The strength they posses, their resilience and their talent truly do represent the very best of what Morley has to offer.