Nikso' Kowaiks: Indigenous Film Making with Disa Crow Chief

Hey Friends!

On August 24th at 7pm join us for an evening of storytelling through Indigenous Film Making. Disa from the Napi Collective shares her interests and values being a part of the film group and what she has learned along the way. Indigenous people are the original storytellers and are natural visual learners. Learn how film making ties in with decolonization and the importance of indigenous representation.

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Disa Crow Chief is from Siksika and an advocate for environmental/humanitarian rights and values. She shares “one of my essential outlets and interests is film making. In all of these areas, I'm still learning and growing. Each area helps me better express what and how the stories I share are viewed by others.”

Last year we launched monthly Story Jam workshops - a space for anyone to experience storytelling in new ways and hang out with an amazing community of storytellers. Story Jams are still happening monthly and now from the comfort of your own home! You can join in on the Zoom app from your phone or computer and supplies needed will be things easily found around your house - or we can find alternatives.

See you there!