November's Mentorship Hang - Outs

We had 2 awesome mentorship hangouts in November.  We visited the grand opening of the Diamond Willow Indigenous Youth Hub. This was a great opportunity to discuss the purpose of the space, and other resources available at the Community Wise building where Diamond Willow is located.  We also visited the new Central Library and benefited from a tour of the facility organised by Kelli Morning Bull who shared information about services that can be accessed there and took us around to see some of the building’s highlights, including the photo-booth and the Elders’ Guidance Circle. We also engaged in some communication skill building games which provided some opportunity for people to get to know more about one another and practice reflecting on their skills and sharing those skills.

We hope that this hangout helped build some communication skills in the group, introduced new people to the program and participants, and will lead young leaders and mentors to head back and enjoy the wonderful new library and all it has to offer soon.

We still had time for some arcade fun and movies at the Chinook Mall. Great Timesss!!!

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