October Mentorship Hangout - Escape Room: Escape2gether

The October hangout for the Bridges mentorship program was all about communications. We wanted to plan a hang out where the youth could have fun and use communication skills amongst others, therefore we decided to check out one of Calgary’s many escape room attractions. The group did two different theme rooms: one was the “psychiatric hospital” where a team had to find clues and solve a mystery while trying to escape the room, and the other was called the “camp 22 prison;” where the team in this room were separated and had to communicate without seeing one another to figure out a way to help each other solve problems that will help them find their way out.

After the two games, we hung out and had a mini birthday celebration for two of the youth in the program and surprised them with cupcakes. 

Overall, it was a great hang out, and the first hang out for new Bridges team member Cory Beaver. Are you interested in joining this programme? If yes reach out to us at info@www.canadabridges.com