Shout Out to Apathy is Boring!

A huge shout out to Apathy is Boring for convening an incredible panel of storytellers on the topic of Lessons from Indigenous Leadership. The panel consisted of:  

Jess Bolduc - 4Rs Youth Movement
Kody Taylor - Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association
Chúk Odenigbo - Future Ancestors
Shanese Steele - Canadian Roots Exchange

A group of Canada Bridges staff watched the webinar and then got together to share our learning. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

"I've been reflecting on how impactful intergenerational collaboration has been in my life. However, there are barriers and lack of spaces for these authentic exchanges. To quote Chuk, “youth are being the elders we wish we had”.  True intergenerational collaboration is exchange, the respect that both generations hold knowledges. How are we creating these spaces? And why are we asking the youth with less power in this colonized society to reach out to those with more power? The opposite needs to happen. Lots to think about and advocate for. This panel left me so inspired and I'm taking away such rich wisdom nuggets from such a diverse and powerful panel of speakers. Thank you Thank you for all the wisdom shared. Hîy Hîy" - Pelletier

"I was impressed to see a young and diverse panel speaking about the challenges of decolonization. The panelist were not shy about discussing intersectionallities between issues like decolonization and immigration. They asked a particular question that has forced me to think about my place in Canada. They asked what it means to "find safety on stolen land." A question I don't think I will be fully able to answer but one that has caused me to reflect deeply." - Ike  

“Working on a land acknowledgement has helped me understand my positionality and further develop my sense of responsibility. It's been good to allow space for my words, thoughts and feelings to shift as I learn, and to let the development be a process rather than a fixed understanding. It was so helpful to hear the panel talk about the importance of making land acknowledgements personal, and giving them space to evolve." - Anna-Marie

“An impassioned panel of young leaders with lots of important stories and messages for everyone to learn from.  It was awesome to hear about the learning, experiences and changes that each of their organizations has worked through and so grateful for them to be open and willing to share this with all of us. Especially loved the thoughts around decolonization and Indigenization and the need to do personal and organizational truth reflecting to step into this in good ways.   Will be checking back with this many times as we go forward for inspiration and wisdom” - Alyssa

Lessons from Indigenous Leadership is available for viewing here. Eight thumbs up from us - highly recommended!