Siksika Strong Part II : Faces Of The Flood

Faces of the Flood is a follow up to the documentary, Siksika Strong, that was shot and screened in the summer of 2013. Part II will focus on the recovery efforts a year later and the flood survivors who have endured the continued hardship of having lost their homes. Flood survivors today are living in close-quarter trailer units, elderly have been staying in hotels, others living with relatives.

Directed by Trevor Solway of Canada Bridges, and supported by The Calgary Foundation, Faces of the Flood follows the stories of individuals and families affected by the flood both directly and indirectly, as their journey back ‘home’ is still underway. As a Videographer from Siksika Nation, Trevor was there to document the challenges of the ordeal, but more importantly, the strength and resiliency of the Siksika Nation people.