Storyteller Invitation

Oki / Danit’ada / Âba wathtec/ Aaniin/ Tansi / Taanishi / Bonjour and Hello Storytellers,

Stories are beautiful, healing, learning, funny, connecting, empowering, reminiscing, creative, traditional - and for everyone. We are all storytellers with amazing wisdoms and journeys.  

We are inviting BIPOC Youth Storytellers to join us in hosting one of our monthly Story Jams. Story Jam has been a place to come together and build community around the power of youth stories and wisdom. Through sharing my story at a Story Jam I was able to create connections and saw this ripple of how stories help us reach our potential and recognize others, but they are also a lot of fun!  

Each Story Jam is unique, and we have seen things like cypher circles, zine and art making, live speaking panels, baking and even a youth film drive in. Do you have a story or creative medium to share? We would love to support you and make your story jam happen.  

And no stress if you don't have a fully planned out workshop or idea, we are happy to support, create, develop and discover what a story jam could look like with you's!

Hosting a Story Jam is a paid opportunity and open to BIPOC Youth ages 16-30! We have a team ready to make your Story Jam happen.

For more info reach out to me by email at or to Jacie Alook at or DM and follow us @canadabridgesaye on Instagram.  

Talk soon, Storyteller.


Story Jam is made possible by our sponsor Suncor Energy.