Support First Nations Representation in Antarctica

Danii Kehler is an artist, student, environmentalist, and entrepreneur. She is a member of the Kawacatoose First Nations on Treaty 4 territory and in her 3rd year of Business Management at the University of Saskatchewan. Canada Bridges has had the honour of having Danii on the team last year as well as all her talent as an AYE 2019 Artistic director, AYE 2018 Alumni and Story Jam Facilitator. I can’t express in words what a role model she has been and will continue to be.

This incredible woman has been selected to be the FIRST First Nations Person to be recruited by renowned polar explore Robert Swan to join the 2041 ClimateForce Antarctic Expedition!

This is an opportunity to work with global experts in climate science , renewable energy and sustainability to create meaningful change by seeking out pragmatic solutions and implementing them within our communities.

Danii is passionate about climate justice and have been actively fighting for Indigenous rights and Indigenous representation within business and industry to help break down barriers for Indigenous people. She needs our support to continue the work to help others and find sustainable solutions for the next seven generations and beyond.

“I know that the global fight against anthropogenic climate change is something everyone should be serious about, and so I was hoping you would be able to support my journey (and in doing so become part of the mission as well!), or let others know about my participation in the Expedition.  As Robert Swan says, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” I can’t wait to tell you more about this unique journey soon!”  - Danii

Danii needs our support! The expedition has been postponed until March of 2022 and the total amount needed, including the participation fee and incidentals, is equivalent to $26,000 Canadian Dollars.

As well as the gofundme link found here:, Danii is doing a fundraiser draw for her original painting Warrior Woman.

The painting is mixed media, acrylic and beadwork on canvas 24” x 24”.

$20 a line for an OG Danii Kehler painting that will one day be worth millions!

Enter the draw via E-transfer


Deadline for the draw is December 1, 2021

Please share, donate and follow Danii Kehler on her journey.

To Danii: Thank you for being the bold courageous woman that you are! Know that myself and everyone at Bridges has your back and is cheering you on as you continue to change the world and fight for our people!