Support Youth Leadership and Have Your Donation Matched

Support Youth Leadership & Have Your Donation Matched!
by Alyssa Lindsay, Executive Director

Youth community leadership is needed now, more than ever! With a decrease in formal youth programming, and an increase in conversations about equity and inclusion, youth leaders have been stepping up and taking on leadership roles within their families, communities, and friend groups in new and exciting new ways.

Over the last four months, we have supported youth to show up, stand up and be heard – despite being physically separated. We have increased one-to-one outreach and coaching, modified group programs to be held online, reformatted facilitation resources, and created opportunities for youth to share their thoughts on how our communities can respond and rebound stronger from this pandemic.

We are adapting longer term connection models and rethinking how we engage with community in safe ways. We want youth to be part of this process, ensuring they can access the tools, connections and resources they need to continue to be changemakers in their communities.

The need is there, but as for many, our financial resources have become increasingly unpredictable. We have an amazing opportunity until the end of August with the Shaw Birdies for Kids (BFK) Program! BFK is a matching pool – for every donation made to Canada Bridges we will receive 100% of the original donation, plus at least an additional 50% from the matching pool. They have many great and easy ways to make a contribution including online, cheque, and text to give.

Please make a gift before August 30 to help us leverage this great opportunity, so we can support young leaders to create a new and stronger normal for everyone!