Thank Your Mentor Day

As part of Mentoring Month, yesterday was #thankyourmentor day! We were able to round up a few notes of gratitude from the young people in our mentorship program. Check them out below to see how important having a mentor in your life can be. You can also find these being shared on our Twitter and Instagram pages. 

“Thanks for being there for me and lending a helping hand when in need. I truly appreciate the support and help you have given me throughout my time in the city, making the transition for me a lot more comfortable and smoother. Thank you!  - From, Sammy”

“Yo Ike. You have been such a great mentor even though I don’t stay in touch as much as I should but when we meet up you’re always there to listen or give advice. The best part of having you as my mentor is the conversations we have about all kinds of topics surrounding us. We have a lot in common and after every conversation I always leave with a peace of mind. You’re a great mentor and keep up the good work.” 

“I couldn’t thank Sarah enough for being such a heart warming open person, especially when I feel discouraged or unsure, she’s always there to remind me what’s important to strive for in life and keeping myself grounded when I feel like I’m floating in my own steps out here in Calgary as an independent adult. Sarah helps me in ways any other friend couldn’t and overall I feel she’s more of a best friend who looks out and wants the best for me.”

“I want to thank Alyssa for going above and beyond to help me out, been a real blessing to have her as my mentor and an honour to be her mentee, Ishniyes ” 

“Michelle, you are such a great role model, you show me independence, responsibility and most importantly you have become apart of my life. Thank you for showing me (still continuing to show me) how it’s done! You are amazing! Asanii thinks so too. haha THANK YOU for everything you do.”