Tips from Community Members - Staying Positive and Healthy

Tips from Community Members - Staying Positive and Healthy

by Sandis Twoyoungmen

I’ve asked several people in the community and neighboring nations about what they’ve been doing to stay positive at home during this lockdown due to Covid-19. I prepared 3 simple questions and sent it to those who were open to sharing their response.

1. What positive hobbies have you been doing?  

2. How would you share your advice with those struggling to keep a positive motive during these tough times?

3. How do you reflect after practicing a healthy hobby?

Here is their feedback from the questions:

S. Lefthand from Mini Thni (Morley): I’ve been cleaning, cooking, doing my makeup. I’d say try and keep your mind off it by distracting yourself, which is by colouring, writing on a journal on what’s going on like everything around you, vibe to some music and yeah.  

G. Krawler from Mini Thni (Morley):  

  1. My boyfriend is a rider, also considered a “Warrior,” who races in the Indian Relay...anyways we bought two new race horses named Scary & Disco, both females, & ever since we bought them our hobbies have switched up to taking care of them everyday - hoping the weather gets warmer soon so he can start training which will keep him busy; I get to help him which keeps me active. I’m pregnant right now otherwise I would be working on my own horses for the rodeo season, lol.
  1. Trust God...don’t overthink, stay off social media, limit your screen time because right now it is just full of negativity, also don’t watch the news if you have high anxiety. This is like a reset you can start a healthier lifestyle by going for walks everyday spending time outside especially if you live on the reserve or in the country take advantage of it... exercising regularly give off natural positivity. Read books if you have a book that you bought but never read it’s a great time to start reading that book. Deep clean your home, organize your home read a list of short-term goals and list of goals that you will do once the quarantine is over. Like I said this is like a reset - plan your comeback now!  
  1. I reflect back to how fortunate I am to have horses and be a part of that lifestyle. Horses relieve a lot of anxiety and worry they are very therapeutic. Cleaning & organizing makes me feel a lot better mentally just being in a clean environment. Reading a book that I am currently reading by Joyce Meyers shares scriptures about how to trust and leave all your problems and worries in God's hands that helps me a lot emotionally and keeps me motivated 🙂.

C. Starlight from Tsuu T'ina Nation:  

  1. I’ve been spending most of my time with my daughter and life partner. I find myself dedicating my time to small projects that I never had time for before going into quarantine like organizing and rearranging photographs, purging items that could go to goodwill, and doing more creative things with my time.  
  1. I would recommend reaching out to supports, whether that be family or friends and stay connected to people who can offer advice. I’ve also made sure to keep practicing my spirituality and I remember that creator is watching over my family and myself.  
  1. Keeping myself busy with tasks I can control have really helped me with the anxiety that’s surfaced during this time. I find that beading and working on projects that require focus help me to get my mind off of worrying and make me feel more grounded and relaxed.

T. Labelle from Mini Thni (Morley):  

  1. Just been keeping up with the house chores as a family
  1. Take time to settle down and breathe, if there was something you used to do before you were busy try getting back into it you might find yourself liking new hobbies if you aren’t interested in what you were in before or some simple self-care routines  
  1. I think about what I was doing before and compare it to now and seeing how better it impacts my family before we would just be doing our own thing but with staying at home we all now have that time to catch up on one another even though we live under the same roof we were always on the road or going.

E. Twoyoungmen from Mini Thni (Morley):

  1. My hobbies include artwork, such as a mini comic series. It's basically just a comedic intake in current social groups.  
  1. Talk to people who are taking advantage of this isolation and improving on their set of skills.  
  1. I feel good afterwards. It motivates me to keep working forward. This is the perfect chance to self-reflect and realize what needs to change in your life.

I find these to be great responses to the lockdown we’re all new to. Apart from their feedback, I will also include mine. Having to struggle with mental challenges I find myself more comfortable being in a community that has been responding to the virus well. Keeping distance, making essential trips, checking in on each other through social media, splitting my work hours so I don’t become exhausted in the habit and it also gives me time to think of what should have the spotlight in the next week or so.  What helps me in this case is to be more active outside, around my house and practicing good mental health to reduce anxiety and depression. Knowing I'm in a rural community, there is less stress with worrying about being exposed to other people who may have been exposed already.  

My advice to those with mental challenges is to keep your intentions healthy and positive. Start the day with a good healthy meal because it makes you feel great after and less guilty from eating poorly (I also do that). Following the healthy meal, take a nice walk nearby your house or spend some time in your yard if you’re unable to walk around. Check in on family, have a nice convo with a nice hot beverage. Being cooped up at home can also follow with a mess so I recommend keeping your bedroom and all other spaces clean, it helps you feel more relaxed knowing there's not much to tackle after your time outside.

These are my simple recommendations that have kept me active and less ill mentally, keeping up productivity.

I would like to thank all those participating and sharing their daily activities and keeping a positive motive during these interesting times.