Vision Book Making

Artist Danii Kehler hosted a Vision Book making Story Jam in April.  Hear about the creative process of manifesting your dreams into reality.  

I made my first vision book over 2 years ago now, before I started to pursue a career as an artist.  I was going to school in Saskatoon at the time; I always had a passion for the arts but was unsure if I had what it takes to pursue a career as an artist.  The majority of the goals that I wanted to set were about me becoming an established artist, having an art exhibit and conquering my fear of public speaking just to name a few.  Currently I am being recognized nationally as an emerging artist and working on my very first art exhibit, which I am really excited about.  I have also been booking multiple public speaking events, making a Vision Book helped me manifest my dreams into reality.  

In April, I hosted a Story Jam called Capturing Your Visions where participants had a chance to think about their goals and how they can attain them.  Everyone had a lot of fun creating their own books and some even invented a miniature version that can fold up.  It was such a fun experience to host April’s Story Jam, there were so many different people that showed up, it was great!  

Writing down your goals is a great way to think about what is important to you or it could be things that you want to change.  It helps you define the goals you want to pursue and gives you an opportunity to track your progress as you start the journey of attaining these goals.  Vision books also get you to start envisioning where you will be in the future and what that looks like.  Who will be with you on your journey, where you will be in the future and starting to think about what it will look like when you accomplish these goals.  

This is a great opportunity to define who makes a positive impact on your life and to connect with your support systems.  It’s a chance to let them know what kind of direction you want your life to go and how they can support you on your journey.  Your support systems can include a variety of people including your family, friends, teachers, peers, coworkers, etc.  Creating a vision book is a great confidence booster and it gives you a chance to explore your vulnerability.  The people who you define as your  

If you don't have a creative bone in your body, that’s fine!  You do not have to be an artist to create a vision book; it’s all about defining your goals and what that looks like to you.  You can glue pictures, trace outlines, make a collage, draw or color.  Everyone’s vision book will look different; it’s a great chance to share your personality with others.  

Creating a vision book is a great way to reflect on the things that have the most meaning or importance to you.  Always keep dreaming, there is never a dream that is too big or unattainable!  To think that the sky is the limit is just putting another barrier in place to prevent you from attaining your goals; the sky is not the limit, the limit does not exist.  The universe is vast and the possibilities are endless, keep shooting for the stars!  Always believe in yourself, write down your goals, develop a game plan to achieve them and envision what your like will look like in the future.  Trust in yourself that you have the ability to attain all your goals and dreams, because you do!  Like the late great Tupac Shakur says, “During your life, never stop dreaming.  No one can take away your dreams.”