We Won't Be Stopped!

We won’t be stopped! Things may just look a little differently....

Covid-19 is closing down and cancelling what seems like the world in many ways. Businesses, buildings, sports and events are just some of the things being cancelled right now. When I first heard we had to go into quarantine, I was a bit like Chicken Little running around screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” but my words were “What about Story Jams?!, What about AYE?! How are we going to share our Stories?! Took me some time to calm down and some supportive team members holding the metaphorical paper bag to my face to realize our stories are not cancelled, our community of storytellers and leaders are not cancelled, we are not cancelled!

It’s a unique time to get more creative and discover new ways of doing things!

Story Jams  

Last year we launched monthly Story Jam workshops- a space to experience storytelling in new ways and hang out with an amazing community of storytellers. Shout out to the Sweety Treaty Show on hosting the first one of 2020 back in Janurary! They shared their stories and mad freestyling skills with us and now you can call me Cardi P! Check out their podcast on spotify or @thesweetytreatyshow instagram.  

At our February Story Jam, Artist Sikipinakii shared their “I’m Only Gonna Show You Once, Now You Try” Art installation that was at the Stride Gallery, then walked us through how to create our very own Zines! You can hear more about Sikipinakii's creative process here. 

March’s Story Jam looked a little different as we couldn’t meet in one space but we are blessed to be able to still connect through the web! This unique Story Jam happened via Zoom. The AYE 2019 Video was premiered. We shed some tears and shared some laughs, reminiscing about all the memories that flooded back from the video. We also got to put on our artist caps and try out some online Pictionary. I’m already not good at drawing so the added challenge of having to use a laptop trackpad to draw made for a lot of laughs and ultimately having to take the L.  

So looking ahead, Story Jams are still happening monthly and now from the comfort of your own home! You can join in on the Zoom app from your phone or computer and supplies needed will be things easily found around your house - or we can find alternatives. April’s will be hosted by Danii Kehler who is walking us through how to create Vision Books and do some goal setting. Tune in to hear her story and capture our visions for the future: so important if you're someone like me who is feeling stuck right now, especially with current situation we are in.  

Follow us on our social media pages @canadabridgesaye to see the meeting codes and details for the events. As well, if you need any help setting up zoom please reach out to us at info@canadabridges.com or message us on facebook/instagram.

AYE 2020

For now, the plan is that AYE 2020 will happen in the fall. Last year’s video is now up on You Tube, make sure to check it out!

This is the 10th annual A Youth Explosion (AYE) event and we are in the planning stages now. We are looking for youth to join our Youth Leadership Team to help plan and execute our Story Jams and the AYE 2020 event this year. Stay tuned for the application and virtual meeting schedule on our social media pages or sign up for our mailing list.

Check out this post about last year's event for more info.

Staying connected

Myself and all of the Canada Bridges Team would love to connect with you! Whether it’s a Story Jam idea or you would like to get involved and volunteer or partner with us, or you just want some more info don’t hesitate to reach out. Story Jams are open to the public , so feel free to connect at those monthly workshops or send us a message on our social media pages.

So excited to see the creativity and the new things to come. Thank you for staying home and for doing your part to flatten the curve and protect our Elders, families, friends and each other.  

Stay well friends,  

Hîy Hîy