Wellness Sessions with Pelletier

We are so grateful that our good friend and former coworker Pelletier came to visit us from her new home in sunny Escondido, California!  

Pelletier led the Bridges team through a deep dive into thinking about our thinking, sharing tools and strategies to think more realistically and to give ourselves permission to be lifelong learners in understanding how we make sense of things. We also learned to make sensory boxes for de-stressing (pictured).  

We are thankful that Pelletier can continue the work she started on our team, even though she moved away in August! She will continue to help us grow in our capacity to care for ourselves and others.  

Pelletier is a Story and Learning Facilitator with her own company, and she is available for a limited number of projects while she goes to school in the States. For information, contact: pelletiermedel@gmail.com